Maastro, a nationally and internationally renowned radiotherapy center wants to make the connection between patient care, education and effective scientific research.
 They offer patients a treatment aimed at the greatest possible chance of cure and with as few side effects as possible. The patient is central to this. Their starting point is that the patient retains control in a socially responsible way.
 A certain fear of the patient for his disease or his future might happen. To help prevent this, is key. Therefore it is necessary to not only set the mind of a patient to something positive, but also to give him or her something else to focus on. Something that can be wonderful, joyful or surprising.
Four animations have been developed and animated by XAPF that show essences of life, based upon the pure base of our existence: patterns.  
The animations are projected on the walls of a corridor leading to the therapy center to help the patient to calm and and relax.
Made possible in collaboration with CaronLightDesign
Made in accordance with MUMC/ Maastro

Animation 01 - Birth
Animation 02 - Flora Mechanica
Animation 03 - Wormhole
Animation 04 - Kaleidoscope

other animations

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