Energy remains an abstract concept. The light switches on with a button on the wall, telephones are charged with a cord connected to a plug.
 In all respects, mankind in western society is far removed from the place where energy comes from. 
This problem metaphors itself in a lignite mine that provides society with energy and security. In the meantime this hole has an irreversible impact on the lives of a villager, a miner and an activist. They live on the edge of this mine, the hole in their lives. 
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How does this place control their lives and how do they deal with it? 
For one the mine is a positive aspect of life, for the other, it is the sword of Damocles, a continuous threat. The mine means energy and security, but the mine also means pollution and the disappearance of villages that will need to make place for the expansion  of this mine.
There is no dualism: no good or evil. This place shows me that places, jobs and memories are disappearing. In return we receive energy. We set this in motion. Because we need energy. We are in a pressing situation because energy cannot come from anywhere. It is a feeling of powerlessness. 
This absurd place is a microcosm that seems to reflect the dilemma of our energy needs. We want change, but when it comes to the point we need to make decisions, do we actually want to  make a change or don't we want to give up our luxury life? ​​​​​​​
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