Feed your head
We tend to forget that, to my opinion, the best ideas and work come out of dreaming, taking actually time off, instead of being busy all the time.
There is nothing wrong with daydreaming.  It is something to be proud of. If you are good at it. 
Firmly believing in a vision of original and capturing storylines, preferring to make them a public statement instead of hiding behind impersonal commercial values.
 The perfect film comes - obviously- in many different guises, but only one meets my personal preferences. 
Don't simplify things, believe in telling the right story, with all its complexities, beauty and mystery. 
It is probably exaggerating by calling it elitist thinking, but a touch of ritual behaviour remains undeniable in any good storyline – which, after all, is what makes narratives irresistible, unforgettable and most of all important.
Forget logic and proportion, feed your head. Welcome to the visual records of me, for you. ​​​​​​​
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